Saturday, April 21, 2018

Game Update! : Date Night pt. 1

Hi there, and happy Saturday!

I wanted to share an update, seeing as I don't really post on here as often as I should.

I've made 5 video games, start to finish, since this past October, and that's almost the entirety of the use of my creative juices.

Right now, I'm working on a parody dating sim called "Date Night" for my friend Michaella. A dating sim (simulator) is a game in which the player is the protagonist and gets to choose and court a character. There are dating sims available for both guys and gals, and the characters to choose from aren't always of the opposite sex, so it gives the player their choice in its entirety.

For this game, Michaella will get to name her character, and I'm thinking of giving her player options to choose from, like choosing her name and choosing her appearance, though I'm not 100% sure of how to do the latter.

I use a program called RPG Maker MV, the newest release in the RPG Maker series. Rather than controlling coding, I use the command options, like "Text Box" to insert some text to appear at a specific point. I'm self-taught, so I'm still learning how to get the events to work together and how to make the game function without errors, but I get better with every game!

Michaella's characters to choose from are: the nice Jewish lawyer, David; our friend Scott, who is ~12 years older than us and super rich but still hangs out with us for some reason; Vinnie, the handsome man who is perfect in every way but looks and behaves a lot like her dad; Don Duckson, who is basically Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, but with a slightly different appearance and his name is slightly different; and last but not least, Ricky, the LA thug who can't help but be nice to her.

The whole game takes place in a shady but affluent part of LA called the "High Houses," which don't really exist, and their name implies many things. It's just a bunch of super tall but narrow houses that seem popular with people who make about $100k a year. Drug lords operate a lot of the region, and one in particular manages the houses that Michaella's character lives in. And yes, it's Ricky.

Here's what I have so far: